Inspired by my maternal grandfather, I became conscious of living healthy at a very young age. Fitness came to me naturally as I liked spending more time playing outdoor games than studying.
I followed a weight training program and consumed large quantities of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

It was somewhere in the middle of 1995 I told my elder sister Anita that I didn’t feel too well. I explained that besides getting heart burns frequently my heart also beat faster at times. She took me to her physician who was also a heart specialist and after a check up I was certified to be in excellent health. The Doctor also commended me saying that he had never met anyone who looked after himself so well.

I came back home relieved that there weren’t any major problems. However I knew that this wasn’t being in the pink of health, something had to be wrong if I felt these discomforts in my body. It is said that when you are ready, the book presents itself. Fortunately, not long after the doctor’s visit Anita gave me a book called ‘Fit For Life’, written by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond. This was a turning point in my life. I was alarmed at the physical & mental degeneration food was causing. I followed the principles of Natural Hygiene propagated by Harvey Diamond and both the stomach burn and the irregular heartbeats disappeared. On the 28th Dec 1995, I became a vegetarian and have been so ever since, thanks to ‘Fit For Life’.

A friend of my mother whom she met at the ‘Art Of Living Foundation’ in Bangalore had sent her a few books and they lay unopened in her cupboard for about a year. Mom told Anita to give away the books. To Anita’s surprise she found three books written by the great nutritionist Dr. N.W. Walker. Harvey Diamond makes a mention of Dr. Walker in ‘Fit For Life’. If ‘Fit For Life’ was a turning point, Dr. Walker’s books changed my life completely. I found answers to all the doubts I ever had and began slowly implementing Dr. Walker’s way. I also learnt from Dr. Walker that the heart beating faster were early signs of a major pending problem.
I realized from Dr. Walker’s teachings that small discomforts are the body’s way of warning us to take remedial action immediately. My health, happiness and foresight in life are attributed to Dr Walker’s way of life.

For many years now I have been a rawfoodist, eating only raw foods (not even dehydrated). My diet consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, cold pressed olive oil, unsalted sundried olives, avocado, sun dried fruits, rock/vegetable salts and herbs. Salad making is a culinary art just like cooking.
I consume one glass of hot distilled water with lime on rising followed by a fresh fruit juice and addition to this six to seven glasses of vegetable juices every day. Whenever possible, coconut water makes a wholesome addition to the juices that I drink.

This way of living has brought me great benefits. Besides having much more vigor, it has also given me a disease free life. Many degenerations which are considered to be normal as we age have disappeared. The most noticeable change has been in the way I think. To quote Dr.N.W.Walker, “The body is the vehicle of the mind, and the mind is the vehicle of the intellect. The intellect is that part of the mind we use in observing and reading. If the body is permitted to degenerate, then the intellect cannot be expected to function or develop constructively, as the spiritual and mental faculties grow and expand in direct relation to the improvement, regeneration and purity of the physical body”.